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Katalog Class Reference

#include <katalog.h>

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Detailed Description

Stefano Salvador

Definition at line 60 of file katalog.h.

Public Types

enum  CatErrorrs { NAME_EMPTY = 2 }
enum  InitErrors { UNREADABLE_URL = 1, NOT_KATALOG = 2, UNCOMPLETE = 4 }
enum  Type { E_LINK = 1, E_DIR = 2, E_FILE = 4 }


void finished (QString)

Public Member Functions

int addItems (const KURL &mount, QString catalog, bool exploreArchives=false, bool getMetaInfo=false)
void del (QStringList &path)
KatalogUDSEntry findEntry (QStringList &fullPath) const
KatalogUDSEntryList getNodeContent (QStringList &fullPath) const
int initDocument (const KURL &url)
bool isChanged ()
QString readInfo (QStringList &path) const
bool rename (QStringList &path, QString &newName)
bool saveDocument (const KURL &file, const char *format="application/x-gzip")
KURL sourceURL (QStringList &path) const

Static Public Attributes

static const int SUCCESS = 0

Protected Member Functions

KatalogUDSEntry createUDSEntry (QDomElement el) const
QDomNode findNode (QStringList &path) const
int itemsInNode (QDomNode &node) const
int totalCatalogs () const
int totalItems () const

Private Slots

void slotEntries (KIO::Job *, const KIO::UDSEntryList &)
void slotRedirection (KIO::Job *, const KURL &)
void slotResult (KIO::Job *)

Private Member Functions

KatalogJobItem find (const KURL &url) const

Private Attributes

bool m_changed
QString m_currentUrl
QDomDocument m_document
bool m_exploreArchives
bool m_getMetaInfo
KatalogJobs m_jobs
QDomElement m_rootElement

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